Happy Mothering Sunday



Happy Mothers Day today. I want to celebrate all mothering women, those women who care for other people's children. To put this into perspective, l lost my mum when l was 9years old. As a result, l was mothered by aunties, cousins and eventually by my stepmother . These lovely women were 'mothers' to me at different stages in my life.


Last week l got a really good advice from a dear friend to sort out my daughter's disinterest in food. It worked and really made a difference. So every time l hear "l'm hungry Mummy" l remember my friend and her helpful recommendation. I belong to a group of friends and we are a support network because we help each other out with the kids whenever the need arises.


So l want to dedicate my Mother's Day greeting today to those lovely ladies l call "supporting mothers". They babysit, pick-up, drop-off, care for and give advice or just hold your hand in moral support when your kid is ill and you're going out of your mind with worry. Let's not forget our childminders/nannies. You are all 'mothers' to our children too when we are away. So we thank you for the love and care.


Thanks to grandparents everywhere who care for their grandchildren and make life a lot easier for working parents. To those who are pregnant or trying for a child, may your prayers be answered. You are mothers in waiting. It's only a matter of time now.

Happy Mothering Sunday ladies. ❤️❤️

Latest comments

07.04 | 17:03

Hi Franca, its pleasure to read your new release - the Carriage Full Of Laughs. Entertaining in the first place,also opening topics about co existence of peops

02.01 | 11:50

Thanks a lot Jo. That means so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

28.12 | 11:28

Well done Franca. I've enjoyed reading your books and I'm super proud of you not just as a fellow woman but as an ex banking colleague. Looking forward to more

16.11 | 16:36

The next book will be out next month.

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