There is something fantastic l've observed in my mates and those of us in our 40s that is truly remarkable. There is this new sense of purpose and a desire to achieve our aspirations and live our dream. More and more of us want to be fit and live healthier lifestyles. There are also many single people in their 40s trying to find the right partner.

I keep hearing these words;


Is this the right career for me?

I need to find what l want to do with my life.

I must 'find' myself so l know what l want from a relationship.

What am l passionate about?

What am l happy doing?

I need to loose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

How do l loose my belly fat and get a six-pack?


In an active response to these rhetorical questions, many of my mates have gone on to start their own business, learn a new skill or like me write a book and become a published author. I am now living my life long dream as my book has recieved all 5-star reader reviews on Amazon. To those who are still 'finding' themselves, please continue to do so because that is where your ultimate fulfilment lies. It is never too late. 😎😎


Some may describe this as mid-life crises but it isn't. It is just a determination to make one's life count. To do things better and differently. To find happiness with the right person. As most of us are parents at this stage in our lives, there is usually a lot happening on the family front too.


Some of my mates have hit the gym, got a personal trainer or just drastically changed their diet. πŸƒπŸ½These are strategic changes aimed at good health and self-preservation. Most people in their 40s have one or more medical conditions they have to live with, therefore it is a perfect time to start looking after yourself.


It is also a time when many of us start wearing eyeglasses. Make sure you pick a really nice and trendy one because it can instantly revamp your look. πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ€“πŸ€“ As l always say aging is inevitable, all you can do is look after your body so you can age gracefully.


So well done mates!. Congratulations on your achievement. Let's continue to enjoy our glorious 40s. Looking forward to us making our mark in the world.

Have a great week people ❀️❀️

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07.04 | 17:03

Hi Franca, its pleasure to read your new release - the Carriage Full Of Laughs. Entertaining in the first place,also opening topics about co existence of peops

02.01 | 11:50

Thanks a lot Jo. That means so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

28.12 | 11:28

Well done Franca. I've enjoyed reading your books and I'm super proud of you not just as a fellow woman but as an ex banking colleague. Looking forward to more

16.11 | 16:36

The next book will be out next month.

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