Reviews from young readers of The ZEANN gang, bully busters



I asked some of my young readers to write down what they like about my children’s book. Their parents kindly sent these over. Check out the feedback/reviews; 📝

Feedback from the Osarunwense family, sent by their mother.


The 9 year old: 
She said it sends a positive message to all those targetted by bullies and tells them what they should do if confronted. Also any bully who reads the book would see how bad bullying is and would stop it. In a way, the book is Zeann gang! 💃🏽


The 6 year old: 
She liked the fact that after the girls formed the Zeann gang, they carried on helping others. 💃🏽


Mrs Odie Osarunwense:
“My girls are asking when book 2 of the Zeann gang will be coming out”. 💃🏽


Erinma and Millie wrote down what they like about the book.


Erinma (9 years old):


“I have not finished the book, but l like the beginning because it starts off exciting and makes the reader feel like they are in the book, and at the same time the book is very funny.” 💃🏽

Millie (my 9 year old daughter):

“l think the ZEANN gang is very good for young children because of all the terrible bullying and l got bullied in year 3 and 4, so my mum wrote this book to help me and then l encouraged her to write about what she told me to do when a bully bullies me because it made me stronger.” 💃🏽



Wow! My objective was to write a book children would love. A book that would make them laugh and also teach them how to avoid bullies and to help each other when it happens. The general consensus is that the book is very funny and more kids are asking for a copy. l am so glad l was able to achieve that. 💃🏽😃


Kids are also recommending the book to their school mates who are being bullied. Based on that l have been invited by a primary school to have an author day at the school to present the book to the children and teachers. I am thankful and excited. 🙏🏽💃🏽


A lot of parents bought this book for their kids. Kindly leave a review on Amazon if your kids like it. Or if you prefer, you can send it to me privately for my author website. That would be really helpful. Many thanks. 🙏🏽


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07.04 | 17:03

Hi Franca, its pleasure to read your new release - the Carriage Full Of Laughs. Entertaining in the first place,also opening topics about co existence of peops

02.01 | 11:50

Thanks a lot Jo. That means so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

28.12 | 11:28

Well done Franca. I've enjoyed reading your books and I'm super proud of you not just as a fellow woman but as an ex banking colleague. Looking forward to more

16.11 | 16:36

The next book will be out next month.

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