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Written by Bola Ologun on 2. Feb, 2014
Hi Franca, This is really great. keep it up. i love the articles esp. 'why men cheat' and 'african marriage'. would definitely be popping in more often.
Written by Grace Omon on 24. Jan, 2014
Dear Franca I must commend ur articles they are so spot on .May you grow in wisdom as you continue to share ur knowlegde with mankind. Cheers
Written by Shola on 23. Jan, 2014
Wow! Franca I have always known you write so well...but this is another level! Am loving it already...
Written by Lady B on 11. Jan, 2014
hmmm...very nice!
Written by Agnes Bangoura on 10. Jan, 2014
Hello madame i am on it!!
Written by Nana on 9. Jan, 2014
Excellent work, very well thought out articles.
Written by Michael Okadigbo on 2. Jan, 2014
Well done Franca, I will spread the word. Also spread the word for me about my virtual office business. I have added the website address.
Written by lara on 27. Dec, 2013
Keep the good work going Franca. God will continue to guide you. Enjoy the rest of the christmas break.
Written by Dorothy Okwuchi Phd on 22. Dec, 2013
Hello Franca,

This is my second visit, though I did fail to sign the guest book, my second visit has given me a clearer understanding of your blog.
Written by ladi sanni on 20. Dec, 2013
Nice one Frankie. All the best.
Written by sophia on 20. Dec, 2013
Hi Franca this is really good. Lots of different topics that can relate to different people. Keep it up. Thanks for the invite God Bless you in all that you do.
Written by Gerald on 17. Dec, 2013
First I will say Glory be to God for the great wisdom that you have it's by his Grace.
You have done very, great start and always room for improvement in everything we do in life. God Bless and keep it up.
Written by sarah on 15. Dec, 2013
Hi it is appreciatable keep it up, very interesting i pray God will give you blessing abuntantly exceedingly in Jesus name

Many thanks
Written by Judd Law on 15. Dec, 2013
Hey, nice blog you got here. Many interesting topics, Can't say I have a favourite one though. I will definitely refer this to my buddies. Bye.
Written by Ifie Mokah on 11. Dec, 2013
Hi, i have finally found my way here and i must say its impressive. The topics are well discussed. Keep it up.

Latest comments

07.04 | 17:03

Hi Franca, its pleasure to read your new release - the Carriage Full Of Laughs. Entertaining in the first place,also opening topics about co existence of peops

02.01 | 11:50

Thanks a lot Jo. That means so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

28.12 | 11:28

Well done Franca. I've enjoyed reading your books and I'm super proud of you not just as a fellow woman but as an ex banking colleague. Looking forward to more

16.11 | 16:36

The next book will be out next month.

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